About the Author


My name is Shayna Jones. I'm from New Jersey (JERZ!!!) and I, myself am a HBCU graduate. I am a Delaware State University alumnus (HORNETS). I graduated a high school senior not knowing what an HBCU was. It never dawned on me that I could have a culture shock within my own culture, but Delstate opened my eyes to a whole other world of black excellence. I graduated with a bachelors in Mass Communications and hit a wall like most of my collegues, how fun. Job after job and I felt like I was doing nothing with my degree. Then just like that while living in my car, 0 out of 10 wouldn't recommend, an idea popped into my head. to write a story about a girls journey through college. I have yet to see a story told like this and wanted to be the first. So I am excited to introduce to you Haymer University. A one of a kind story that follows Sade, a timid teenager on her way to an HBCU filled with new friends, adventures and the inevitable class load. Take a journey with me as we see how Sade transforms into a new person on this bumpy road to graduating, if she makes it!